I. Love. Food

I have an EXTREMELY huge sweet tooth and I’m always trying to find new recipes to try out. One of my new year’s resolution, as silly as it makes me feel, is to try new things and go out of my comfort zone. Which I feel I’ve been doing pretty well… so far.

Apart of the resolution that I stated above was to bake new things out of my comfort zone. I’ve been baking constantly since last December and I’ve never really baked anything from scratch before that. I used to think that baking from scratch would be the most difficult thing ever. (Preconceived ideas will always fool you) But since Dec. I’m actually improving!

I made Nutella Banana Nut Muffins last weekend - delicious!



embarrassing Side Note: to spell “bananas”, I automatically sing Gwen Stefani’s Hollaback girl in my head to get the spelling right… ha!

Well anyways, if you would like to try this recipe out (which I really recommend, come on it has Nutella!) check out http://www.thenovicechefblog.com/2013/01/nutella-banana-swirl-muffins/

This is where I found the recipe: The blogger’s name is Jessica and she is an avid food blogger. Tons of great stuff on there, so enjoy!

Cheers to those with sweet teeths!

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