In My Closet

I love dressing up. I’m also the kind of person who puts effort in my outfit. I definitely live by the “dress to impress” motto.

The clothes you decide to wear determines the attitude and mood you are setting yourself up with. Wearing the right clothes can give anyone confidence. And I am all about being confident, comfortable, and affordable.

I was trying to figure out what else I wanted to talk about/post about on this blog, and well, I thought of clothes! I’m going to start posting my favorite outfits, fashion items and such. Maybe the occasional outfit of the day.

I also want to say, I am not a fashion guru and I don’t have “high authority” for you to read my fashion “comments” and “advice”. I’m just a girl who wants to share ideas. What you’ll find here is fashion ideas that are fun and affordable. I’m always trying to find new outfit ideas so maybe this could be a place for us all to share ideas! You can inspire me and hopefully I can inspire you too.

Cheers, to looking and feeling good.